Teacher Development

ELET has begun rolling out Teacher Development Workshops in KZN to empower Grade 12 Mathematics and Physical Science Educators who work in rural, semi-rural and disadvantaged urban schools. Feedback received from learners and educators from our Mathematics and Physical Science Learner Support Program, strongly highlighted the need for Educator Development. Many learners indicated that the topics were taught in a different and more creative way than at their schools, and this made it easier for them to understand. These workshops target the most challenging areas for educators and learners in both the gateway subjects of Mathematics and Physical Science. Results for these critical subjects (as we enter 4IR) have been poor historically and turning around these poor results appears to be a challenge for the Department of Basic Education. The fundamental issue this intervention attempts to address is – how can a learner perform better and be given the critical skills, tools, and insights to perform optimally during his/her final examination in Mathematics and Physical Science? These workshops seek to address this, by ‘teaching the teacher’. We are confident that these workshops will result in more empowered and skilled educators leading to an improvement in results in both learning areas. This in turn will result in many more learners qualifying for tertiary study and choosing careers in the scientific fields. Successful workshops have already been concluded in 2022 for 70 Educators in both subjects and we hope to expand these workshops to include many different areas.

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