A special program of events was planned on 13 August 2022. Learners were addressed by Theatre and Radio personality and Motivational Speaker, Jayshree Parasuramen. Drawing from her own personal life experiences she delivered a message of hope to them, whilst asking them to answer the question –“What can I do in these challenging times to make a positive difference in the place where I live?” Her message was well received and by all indications, learners were inspired and were left contemplating their ‘higher purpose’ as they continue on their journey. Learners were also addressed by a representative from the Central Applications Office (CAO), with valuable resources provided to them. This was a very useful session, with learners interacting greatly and receiving vital information on the tertiary applications process and opportunities to access bursaries. A meeting of parents was also held and it was indeed heart-warming to note the favourable response from parents. They were given more information on the program and advised on how to best support and care for their children in the critical months ahead as the final examination approaches. This was indeed a productive and helpful day for the learners and their parents.

CAO Representative addressing learners
Mathematics Tutor, Mr Xaba addressing parents
East Coast Radio traffic lady and theatre personality Jayshree Parasuramen with learners

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