Mathematics lesson in session at Crystal Point Secondary – 17 October 2020

The BANKSETA Tuition Program – giving our children the best chance to enter university and forge successful careers, by addressing the poor pass rates in the gateway subjects – Mathematics, Physical Science, Accounting and English

ELET in partnership with BANKSETA started a tuition project in 2020 as an intervention programme for 50 Grade 12 learners from 3 schools in Inanda, namely Inanda Newtown Comprehensive High School, Nhlanhlayethu Secondary and Ohlange High School. The project provided extra lessons in Mathematics, Physical Science and English  to ensure learners achieve a 50% university entrance pass, thereby increasing the number of black learners who obtain quality passes in the 3 learning areas. Important aspects of the curriculum in each learning area and study techniques were covered, with further enrichment provided for better learners. Preparation of learners was conducted via a series of intense tutorials, regular assessments and self-study assignments, to develop independent and critical thinking.

Individual attention was provided to learners struggling with certain concepts. The Educators selected for the program were highly experienced to especially provide the learners with the best strategies and knowledge to enable them to achieve strong passes in the 3 subjects, and ultimately Bachelor Passes. All stakeholders eagerly await the final results of learners in order to measure the intervention this programme has made. ELET is confident that this programme has in part contributed to the learners achieving university entrance passes, attaining a degree, forging successful careers for themselves and contributing to the development of our country. The program in 2022 is being conducted in Umlazi District with 50 learners from 7 High Schools in the area.

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